"What an absolute MUST it is to meet with Jess and Kris for your building journey! I am so thankful to have found these guys at the perfect time. Their knowledge and guidance has been priceless and I highly encourage anyone who is looking to build, especially for the first time to join The Home Chaperone membership or book an consultation! I have felt so supported and it has made my whole experience feel exciting and far less scary! It’s been wonderful having Jess guide me and point me in the right direction when I’ve felt overwhelmed with information and decisions and her feedback has been so useful. I can not speak more highly of this business. Thank you so much guys!" - GEMMA

“Before I joined the membership, we were overwhelmed thinking about what we should or shouldn't include in our custom design. My fiance & I kept bickering & butting heads on some ideas. And because our focus was on the design of the floor plan, we hadn't even considered things like the electrical plan until we joined the membership & came across it in the course. Since the membership, my fiance & I have come to a better understanding of how the building & design process works. We've come to an agreement on the things we're unsure of, & have even drafted up our electrical plans in preparation for pre start. We feel so much more confident in our design & moving forward with our build.” - KYLIE


“Before the membership I spent hours scrolling through construction blogs and insta account trying to find the answers to my long list of design/construction questions. I love that the Home Chaperone membership provides a one stop platform that answers all your queries whilst also providing practical tips to get the most out of your build! Since the membership my husband now says “check the home Chaperone” to settle our debates! The membership has saved us time and money with simple adjustments to our plan and layout we are now confident that we are building a functional yet beautiful home.” – ANNA


“Before the membership I would spend COUNTLESS hours mercilessly scrolling the internet for house plans that I would inevitably want to change, going down the rabbit hole of clicking on one thing and then eventually ending up at another. My partner and I constantly disagreed on ideas or builders or budget and made the whole point of building your own house a tiring and stress inducing exercise when it should be fun! Since the membership my life is one stop shop of all construction words, phrases, ideas that I can refer too and make sense of. It provided so much more clarity and opened my eyes to the building process as a whole, I have checklists and downloads to make sure our plan is functional, well designed and everything we want in home, let’s face it it’s not something that we look to do frequently and I have more confidence in my decisions and using words that the builder understands to get my ideas across.” - LAURA


"Jess's knowledge and professionalism made our 1:1 home design consultation a very fun and enjoyable experience. Her ability to point out things that I would never have thought of makes her service invaluable. Jess has saved us 1000's of $$$ in the long-term." - STEPHANIE


"Thank you so much for all your help, we contacted Jess prior to signing our working drawings and she had so many ideas and ways to improve the build. Jess was amazing from the first email, to weeks after our appointment helping me with some last minute design issues. This is our fourth build and still found her suggestions and ideas so helpful. Thanks again." - ASHA


"After selecting the house plan that best suited what we were wanting from our forever home. We knew that it wasn't yet perfect and sort Jess's help and guidance. Thank you Jess for all your thoughtful suggestions, knowledge and design tips. You really took the time to get to know us and the feel that we were wanting from our new home. You made the whole process so easy and enjoyable while working with us to create our dream home.
Jess you are so talented and such a beautiful person. We feel so thankful to have had you help us through this process and we cant wait to build and enjoy our new home."


"I stumbled upon Jess of home chaperone on Instagram when I was exploring ideas for our coming build. I found her posts inspiring and informative, which led me to reach out to her to chat about her services. We had a 15-min call with her, where she explained her process and what we can expect from her services, and she also sought out to get to know us so she can tailor her services according to who we are and our lifestyle. Jess was super friendly and accommodating on the call — it was so obvious to us early on how beneficial her services would be. So we went ahead and scheduled a 2-hr consult with her. During the consult itself, we were impressed by how thorough she was. We had sent our build plan to her weeks before and she came back with the plan labelled with detailed suggestions and ideas on how we can maximise our build. All of her suggestions were sensible and straightforward, and she also accommodated our own thoughts and ideas that we put forward. She gave us structural improvements that go beyond adding value to our build; her suggestions add value to the intended lifestyle of our home. Two hours just isn’t enough for the level of detail we went into, but Jess never rushed through the call, and gladly stayed on just to make sure we’re happy with where we landed. It never felt like a top-down conversation, with her being the build expert and not us. It was a collaborative conversation from the start, and by the end of the call, Jess made us feel confident enough about the ideas we’re putting forward to our builder when the build process kicks in. We simply cannot recommend Jess enough!" - JEN & ASH


"Worth every cent! We are building a large custom house in Brisbane, Qld. We heard about The Home Chaperone through word of mouth with someone else who used their service. Strongly recommend especially if you’re building a custom house and want to make sure that everything is well thought out and all angles are covered. Jess was beyond amazing to work with and she had incredible ideas, having clearly spent hours going through our plans. Happy to recommend this service to anyone building a new house." - DANIEL


"Would recommend to anyone. We are building in Perth, WA and met with Jess just after signing our PWC but before we had to make final structural changes. The feedback Jess gave us was invaluable and we cannot recommend her enough! It's obvious how much wisdom and experience she has in the building industry and we would not hesitate to recommend her services to ANYONE building. It's an absolute must and a small investment with massive rewards for your future home!" - MEGAN & RHETT


"An absolute must if you are building, thinking of building or just want to get clued up for when you do cross this bridge. We engaged in Jess as we wanted someone to look over our plans (another set of eyes outside of our builder). Jess gave us some great insight, we virtually walked through the house from room to room and spoke about how it would be utilised against how it was designed and if those two matched up. When they didn't Jess offered so many alternatives which is where her passion and expertise really shone through, she is so good at putting herself in a space and working out how it will realistically be used! In terms of the meeting structure/setting, Jess has the perfect balance between calm, structured, to the point but also very approachable for any topic. There is so much information she has to share however she delivers it in a way that is easy to follow and understand. We are so grateful for Jess' knowledge and will always recommend her to anyone who mentions the word building, it's given us great confidence." -KAITLIN AND BRANDON


“From the very 1st point of contact the entire process of the consultation was very smooth & beyond informative. We have taken away so much confidence moving forward with our building contract & will definitely be booking in for a follow up design consultation in the future. The professional, friendly & super informative nature of the consultation is invaluable & I highly recommend anyone embarking on a building/renovation journey reaching out to The Home Chaperone team.” -SHONTE & SHANE


“The building industry can be confusing and daunting. It can leave you making so many mistakes and wishing there was a service out there that was unbiased and had your best interest in the forefront. Look no further than The Home Chaperone. Their expert knowledge and experience will guide you through your build with ease and peace of mind. They will help you build the home of your dreams without breaking the bank. You couldn't meet a nicer Team than Jess and Kris. They are friendly and give you the confidence to move forward with your build. They offer a number of different services. They will give you honest and helpful tips and tricks. Another bonus, they are also affordable. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out! The Home Chaperone.” - JENNY 


“If you are about to build then don’t do anything else until you’ve engaged with The Home Chaperone… Honestly, Jess and Kris are FULL of information and knowledge that you need to tap into before signing any contracts! Not only do they have a lot of combined experience in the industry, they are just all round amazing people! You will not regret it” –DANICA


“Jess is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the building industry, there has not been a question that she has not been able to answer. If you are going to build or are in the process, the information that Jess can provide is invaluable. Get onto it, save yourself some bucks and a headache (in the long run). Would highly recommend. (Jess is also very friendly!)” -KELSEE


“Amazing, amazing, amazing!! Jess and Kris are the ultimate power couple! If you want honest advice and first hand knowledge in the building industry they are for you!! You won’t regret it! They are so genuine and will really make a difference to your journey” – NIKKI

“Jess has an amazing knowledge of the building process. She is generous and honest with sharing what she knows which has helped us immensely with the overwhelming abundance of decisions required when building. All the tips n tricks to getting the most out of your space, latest designs, products, everything.” –SHARI


“Kris & Jess really know what they’re talking about in the building industry! Jess’ attention to detail means nothing goes unnoticed or with a reason behind it! Kris building knowledge goes hand in hand! They are a force to be reckoned with!!” – ERIN


“Jess and Kris together have so much knowledge about the building industry in Perth. They provide a great insight into how the building industry works and how they can save you thousands of dollars over the duration of your build. I would highly recommend their services.” – KIM


“Jess has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building industry, with so many good tips and tricks to help you get exactly what you want in your new home, without breaking the bank! She is extremely authentic and really cares about helping people to navigate the overwhelming process that is building a house. Thank you for answering my many questions Jess and providing lots of helpful and practical solutions - really appreciate your help!” -ELLE


“Unfortunately I found The Home Chaperone after I had signed my final contract to build my first home. But after a few nights of scrolling through their Instagram page and reading all the advice available I started following. The advice I found and got from messaging Jess helped me so much with my Prestart meeting. I attended the first Seminar and despite being already in the construction stage the information provided was so helpful. I refer back to the information frequently with how to deal with my building company. I feel so much at ease knowing that I can contact Jess and Kris at any stage of my build to ask for advise or information. It makes first time building less anxiety filled. I do know that if I build again in the future I will be talking to The Home Chaperone first! I also recommend them to my friends. Thanks Jess and Kris!” –ALICIA


“Jess and Kris have so much knowledge between them. They make an amazing team and are just honestly lovely people. I had the pleasure of attending one of their seminars and found some very useful information that is helping me build my dream home.
100% would recommend.”


"Thanks again for last night Jess. You absolutely smashed it. I left with so much info that I couldn't sleep when I got home. Can't wait to discuss it all with hubs this morning. Your generosity and time is so appreciated. Imposter Syndrome... hell nah! A true professional with a personal touch! Looking forward to working with you in the future" - TARA 


"I've been following Jess for a while now and already gotten so many amazing hacks and tips on building. Tonight I had the insane privilege of attending her very first seminar and Jess you are amazing! Thank you so much! You know when you just meet someone who is so genuinely nice and real... that's Jess. Watching you from your insta stories to tonight - I'm so proud!" - DANICA


"Jess last night was fantastic and I have so much to follow up with the Builder and I'm so glad I attended prior to all out meetings kicking off. Thanks for all your energy, enthusiasm and insights."- MARY


A house is one of the biggest purchases most people will make in their life and you have to make sure the person you are investing all this money with has your best interest at heart. This certainly was this case with Jess & the main factor for signing. Jess is a very transparent, thorough and bubbly/ caring person. As this was my first home she went over everything with me, so I felt I was well looked after. She gave lots of tips and hints with my plans, so I could get the best out of my budget. It was very clear that she didn’t just see me as a paycheque, but really cared about how my life would look once I had built this beautiful home. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from people building, but Jess has made it her business that I never felt stressed or overwhelmed. She has gone above and beyond, even when I asked her to come into the showroom and give me her opinion preparing me before prestart. She was always contactable and never made me feel like she was too busy for me (even though I know she was swamped). I know I’ve probably gone on a bit, but after Jess first contacted me, I jumped online and read reviews about her. Instantly I was put at ease knowing she had helped so many people before me and no one could say a negative word about her. I hope this review helps someone choose Jess, so that they can be as happy with their building journey as I have been." - MADDY


When we (my husband and I) met Jess, it was in a season where we were expecting our first baby and stuck with a very small, very old, very unmaintainable house on a beautiful piece of land. We wanted to sell and move home; not because we wanted to, but purely because doing anything else felt like too much for us to handle. For inspiration (and a laugh), we went to visit a couple of display homes on our way to our established home viewings. We ran into Jess at one of these homes and, with very little persuasion, we comfortably opened up our hearts to her about the crazy idea of staying on our land, demolishing our house and building a new home. She didn't even blink. After finding out she had worked with a lot of people who had demolished and rebuilt homes before, we 'accidentally' fell into another meeting with her, where she laid out her years of experience and passion in the industry in the form of showing us how our "unrealistically crazy" dreams could very easily be a reality. She was so patient with our ideas and the million tentative questions we asked. We also laughed a lot, which made it such a joyful experience.

Within six months, we had designed our dream home with Jess, knocked down our house and, before we knew it, the slab had gone down. We actually went back to Jess often throughout the process, through all the people we met at each stage of building, with our questions about contracts, decisions and timelines - she was a bit of a stable ground for us. Five months later we were living in our new home with our almost one-year old. It has been four years and we are still absolutely in love our new home - and recommend Jess to anyone who will listen! Not only is she so valuable for the bigger processes in dealing with housing, but there are things in our home that Jess helped us with that we would never have known or thought to do on our own. From the big dreams to the little details, to have someone in the industry who is genuine, listens, isn't out to 'make a buck', and lives out what she is passionate about for the sake of other people... we could not recommend her highly enough. – KAT & ANDREW


Our build exceeded our expectations and we had a fantastic build experience with Jess. Our slab went down January 2016 and the keys were handed over May 2016- We are over the moon!! My partner and I searched around for several months not able to find a house design that we liked. We have a small block with a 12.5 metre frontage and I didn't want a layout where you could see from the front door to the back door of the house - which is all that we could find. It was really frustrating having to go out each week and deal with pushy sales people, until we came across Jess! The design was exactly what we wanted and Jess wasn't pushy at all. She was so polite and knowledgeable which gave us the confidence that our house would be a smooth process and built to a quality spec. Jess helped us with the process of our pre-start, she gave us extra ideas like getting a powerpoint in the pantry to store our microwave , which is really handy and we never would of thought of it. Jess was continually in contact with our site manager to give us updates and answer any questions we had really quickly. We are thrilled with how our house turned out, we still love it so much and feel like without Jess there are so many things we would have missed out on. Thankyou Jess, if we build again, we will definitely go through you!– DEB & BRYCE


I was in the very early stages of considering building my home when I came across Jess Scalise's “home hacks” Instagram account, and I could immediately tell how incredibly passionate and knowledgeable she is about the building industry. fter our first few chats I had no doubt in my mind that building with Jess was the right decision for me, and I can now say with confidence that it has been an amazing experience and such a pleasure working with Jess! Beyond sharing countless tips and tricks, she has been super accommodating and gone above and beyond to ensure that my house design was absolutely perfect and achievable within my budget. Jess is so genuine and caring, and she always graciously handled my million-and-one questions, changes and emails in a timely manner. I know that Jess 100% has my best interests at heart and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with this process! I am so excited for the rest of the building journey and I cannot thank Jess enough!!- STEPH

“I have to say Jess showed incredible knowledge and has replied to all of my queries in a timely and very professional way. I built before with another provider and I didn't have such punctual Service (with a Capital S btw). I have learnt a few things to look out for with Jess's assistance - I have to say I am embarking in the building of my new home armed with renewed confidence in the company I have chosen to build with. I am already recommending Jess to all of my friends with no hesitation. ANDREA


Jess was our building advisor and back in 2015/16 and we couldn’t be happier. We will definitely seek out her assistance in the future! She is very knowledgable and professional, but also creative and dedicated to finding solutions. Jess is also very honest. She helped us out by letting us know which things to have the builder do and which to do on our own afterwards (eg. Skirting boards) and she gave us the contact details of trusted traders that she would recommend. By doing this, she saved us thousands! Her “Home Hacks” page on Instagram is great and her tips and tricks are spot on. Not only does she provide amazing and creative styling inspiration, but also good quality and detailed tips - things that I would never have thought of! We aren’t planning on moving yet, but we already have a list on my phone of “must haves” for our next home, and a large portion of that is thanks to the tips from Jess on Instagram. I would definitely recommend having a chat with Jess before signing on with any builders and ask just chew her ear off. Take advantage of her experience and knowledge. She’s seen it all! You won’t regret it! - BEC


“Jess truly cares and has a genuine interest in what you want in a home and from a home. She has all the tricks and knowledge of someone that has been in the business for 100yrs at your price limit. You can tell this is Jessica's passion. I started my owning my own home journey nervous, unsure and worried - especially as I was doing it on my own. Jess put all that at ease. From the first moment I spoke to Jess I knew i was going to be in perfect hands and all the stress and worries went out the window. Jess gave me the best advice on add ons and she made sure I didn't spend unnecessary money. Her advice wasn't just on add ons but extended past counter tops, sinks and power points. To get a better understanding of what I mean i strongly suggest you check out Jessica's instagram and Facebook pages. Jess is truly the best at her craft and I couldn't of asked for a better person to have put my trust in when it came to owning/building my first home. Do yourself a favour and at least speak to Jess - see if she is the right fit for you, you won't be disappointed. You want the best in the business then you've got to see the best in the business and that is Jess. You are such a genuine and sincere person Jess. Thank you for making the biggest decision of my life feel so effortless. - PAULA


Could not recommend Jess enough... every single person wanting to build SHOULD work with her and team. She has a wealth of knowledge that she is willing to share to help make the building process seamless. Jess helped my partner and I later in our build when we had hit brick wall after brick wall with delays with our contracted builder. She helped us put together a plan to get everything back on track and since her help we have come such along way. I honestly believe that without her help we would still be at a standstill! Honestly can not wait to build again so we can create something amazing together from start to finish!JOCEY


Jess is an absolute building guru! Meeting Jess at a display home was a breath of fresh air after liaising with a number of less favourable and unhelpful industry members. We had just “fired” our builder and were at a loss (financially and emotionally) when we met Jess. Her advice and expertise helped us create a dream home - with the best ensuite around! Time, money and tears were spared through her assistance, which was so clearly based on a bucket load of industry experience. We are so grateful for Jess’ approach, authenticity and amazing ideas. Can’t wait to build our next home and will be sure to have Jess as part of that journey. – JAYLENE


“Jess is one of a kind! I couldn’t be more at ease building my home through Jess. She is just so genuine, caring and trustworthy. Jess’ work ethic and knowledge is second to none. She takes the extra time to get to know you and your needs so she can provide you with all of your options. She even offers great advice on small changes you can make to get the most out of your home that you may not necessarily have thought of! - HANNAH

Since the first meeting with Jess Scalise she has gone above and beyond to help me through the building process. From securing the land in the area I wanted to helping me design the house all within my budget. She truly cares about her clients and has taken the stress off building! - KERWIN


From the moment I met Jess Scalise, I was impressed by her knowledge and professionalism, she was warm and friendly and went out of her way to make sure I understood the whole process, going over every aspect of the build with me without being pushy. I would not hesitate in recommending Jess, she has such a passion for what she does and this clearly shows when you meet her - NICOLA


Jess went above and beyond to make me comfortable with the process and soon enough I'd signed on the dotted line. Naturally with it being my first build (and doing it solo) I had 100++ questions which Jess patiently and promptly responded to. I never felt pressured at any point during the process, which I realise is an absolute rarity having spoken with a few builders before I signed. At every stage I've felt like Jess has had my best interests at heart, giving me advice she felt would be helpful. If ever there was an issue Jess jumped straight onto it, rallying the team to get it sorted. I'm now coming up to my pre-start and so far I have nothing but praise for Jess and the team, they've all been wonderful. I was of course a bit nervous at the start of the process, but now I have every confidence going forward. Communication is on point, service is 100/10. Thanks! - BEC


I came into this experience with limited experience but a cautious attitude, but I couldn't have imagined how easy this would feel. Jess has been absolutely amazing to work with, making the experience feel so much more comfortable that I ever would've expected. As stated in the title, the whole experience so far has almost felt like I was dealing with a mate in the field rather than just 'a consultant' Any questions I've had along the way (and there have been a lot, at very random hours) were answered promptly and professionally, providing me with all the information and peace of mind I needed to stay comfortable through this experience thus far. Jess has really gone above and beyond in her duties as a New Home Consultant and I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to build. If my experience with Jess is at all emblematic of what my future holds then I cannot wait to see what comes next. – JAMES


From the first phone call I had from Jess, I could already tell she is a lot more genuine than all the other home building consultants I had been in contact with. Despite how picky I was with everything, she handled all my enquiries professionally and in such a friendly manner. She is so hardworking and would come back to me with all the changes quicker than I expected. Honestly, I don't think I would have chosen to build if it wasn't for Jess. She is so so so easy to get along with, and she recommends small changes to the home which probably goes unnoticed by others, but it is something that I thought made her stand out from the other consultants, and I really do appreciate someone noticing these small things that I may not even have thought of myself. – FELICA


My partner and I are extremely happy with the service we have received from Jess. From the first meeting she was honest, upfront and extremely knowledgeable about all things house & land. She made the whole process very easy for us and followed through with every request that we had in a timely manner, in fact, the whole process hasn't taken very long to get underway at all and for that, we're extremely grateful. We will definitely be recommending Jess to other people. – JANELLE & ANDY


“Jess was professional, transparent & informative throughout the process. We always knew what we would get, what our options were and what we were deciding on. She advised us on the best options for each item we wanted changed and we still came under budget comfortably. I am very confident now moving through the rest of the building process. - KIRSTY